And, of course, Supernatural has a gif.

Bravo, SPN, bravo.

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i romantically stand outside your window and hold up my iPhone to blast our song. a 30 second ad plays first

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At this time, I guess that my OTP is totally shower/me, do you agree? XD I'll go, but thank you for our little conversation <3

hahaha mine is totally my bed/me rn lol

thank you too, I enjoyed it very much <3 you should totally message me some time again if you want too :)

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Nope.. and i can't really see the romance because hannibal is a murder.. and not, it scares me... (I just want a crossover Sherlock/Hannibal in which Sherlock figured out that hannibal is a cannibal in like 30 seconds and when everyone will look at him with shocked faces, Sherlock will look at them incredolous and just say "Hannibal the cannibal")

yep totally.

hahaha for real tho it’s becoming very obvious lately. I can’t wait for the day Alana finds out. I just wanna see her face omg lol 

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i imagine both steve and bucky like to come up with different ways to poke fun at sam every time they pass him during jogging

because they are shitheads

(the first one is a print you can get here)


"You wash up on a deserted island alone. Sitting on a sand is a box. What is in that box?"

Your Doctor Who is showing, Jemma.

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I really loved Abby and Dr Luka from ER and Nihal and Sennar from Chronicles of the Emerged World (probably unknowed).. Do you ship Hannigram?

oh I’ve never really watched ER, only just zapped past it. 

No, I really don’t ship Hannigram. That’s a ship I have a lot of problems with. (Starting with Hannibal being a cannibal and murdering Abigail and then shoving her ear down Will’s throat and making him believe he killed her… obviously lol) Yeeeeah not my type of romance hahaha

thought they really have those homoerotic moments no one can deny lol

do you ship it?

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