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best teen wolf lines per season based on this post

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how are you all still alive?

not all of us are

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Logan & Veronica Appreciation Week:

Day 2: Favorite Parallels

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not all m o n s t e r s

do  m o n s t r o u s things

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Four years after the war, Ginny and Harry were finally getting married. In a frenzy, Molly began barking out orders to everyone. Without thinking, she turned to George and said “Fred go find your sister and make sure she gets dressed!” Realizing her mistake, she fell into the nearest chair and began to sob. George hugged his mother tight, and his only words were, “Honestly woman, you call yourself our mother?” in a soft voice.

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I know you had your doubts..

I know I had my doubts, but…and I..I was sad? Wrong! And you, Emma Woodhouse, were..strong? Right. And..you have really shiny hair and great teeth?

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